Monica grew up in the Northeast Valley and she’s raising her family here with her husband Raul.  She understands the issues and challenges and with decades of experience as a problem solver and Valley community leader, she is ready on Day One to bring attentive, responsive leadership that our communities deserve.

Neighborhood Priorities and a New Direction for the Northeast Valley

  • Strengthen community policing and expand neighborhood & business watch programs
  • Improve police and fire emergency response times
  • Crack down on gangs, drugs and human trafficking
  • Hold city departments accountable to provide high-quality city services for our neighborhoods
  • Eliminate neighborhood blight, illegal dumping, repair sidewalks and expand neighborhood clean-ups
  • Clean and upgrade our parks, senior centers, recreational facilities and enhance security with Park Rangers.
  • Repair streets and alleys and improve lighting in our streets, parks and neighborhoods
  • Improve public transportation and enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Expand opportunities for home ownership for middle-class families and expand affordable housing
  • Address homelessness through increased partnership with County and social service providers
  • Protect our open space, rural communities, trails and Valley treasures like Hansen Dam
  • Safeguard clean air and water
  • Hold corporate polluters accountable to clean up their mess
  • Stand up to special interests and mega developers and put the needs of our neighborhoods first

Bring More Accountability and Transparency to City Hall

Monica is the only candidate with a proven record working to bring transparency and accountability to local government, cracking down on cronyism and no-bid contracts, and protecting taxpayers from fraud and abuse.  On the City Council, Monica will lead efforts to:

  • Bring more accountability and transparency to City Hall
  • Cut wasteful spending to protect Valley taxpayers
  • Continue efforts to root out fraud, tax abuses, and cronyism in city departments

Advocating for Small Businesses and Job Creation

Monica has proven experience advocating for small businesses and economic investment that creates jobs.  She established the Small Business Academy, reinvesting tax dollars in our local economy and helped small businesses create local jobs and cut through red tape.

Hundreds of local small business owners, community leaders, and local Chambers of Commerce are supporting Monica’s campaign to:

  • Revitalize community business corridors in the Northeast Valley
  • Support local small businesses and cut red tape at City Hall
  • Fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work and Paid Leave Time for Workers
  • Deliver economic investment and incentives to keep jobs, and attract new businesses, to the Valley