Community Voices

Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez is my choice for City Council. Monica is not just a talker – she is a doer. She is keenly aware of the challenges that face our district and has demonstrated her commitment to resolving them. She works very hard for our communities every day, and I look forward to partnering with her to make CD7 the best district in all of Los Angeles.”
Charlie Bradley is a retired U.S. Marine, former C.H.P. Officer, and Sunland-Tujunga community leader
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez is a compassionate leader that has brightened up students lives. I first met Monica while working on the Project Youth Green Community Garden in Pacoima, then had the opportunity to work alongside her to develop a school to career program for students around energy audits. She is truly inspiring. Monica Rodriguez always finds the time to help and knows how to navigate City Hall to deliver for us. She’s opened eyes and doors, and I know without a doubt she will continue to open more as Councilwoman. This is leadership I believe in!”
Danaelle Arroyo, Engineering Environmental Innovation lead teacher at ESP Magnet HS, formerly Youth Green Community Garden Pacoima
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez is a problem solver that cares about our community. Knowing Monica and her work ethic has taught me valuable lessons about service. I’ve watched her solve problems within minutes of learning about them. She knows how to make City government work for the people and as a longtime Sylmar resident, former educator and new business owner, I know that Monica Rodriguez is the leader we need to have a stronger community.”
Nadia Abrica, Owner, Mama Lichas Kitchen, Sylmar
Pacoima“I support Monica Rodriguez for City Council because she is not only aware of our issues, she knows how to solve them. She’s always been responsive, accessible and most important, very resourceful. She’s been a partner in helping us identify solutions to the problems that have plagued our community.”
Josie Zarate, Lake View Terrace Community Leader
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez gets results for residents. She listens, cares, and gets it done. Monica is well-respected and well liked throughout the Valley and at City Hall. Agency heads value her ideas and solutions on how to work with the City’s maze of laws and rules to create positive outcomes. When others at the City say ’no’ or ’that’s not possible,’ Monica jumps into action. Next thing you know, it’s done!”
Jon Von Gunten, Sunland-Tujunga Resident and Business Owner
Pacoima“As a business owner and resident of Sylmar for more than 20 years, I never felt as if City Hall cared about our service until I met Monica Rodriguez. When my business was vandalized, Monica Rodriguez immediately coordinated the delivery of resources to support me and the community and get my business back up and running again. When the street water runoff was flooding my business, she quickly identified the right people to solve the problem. Her passion and experience is what our community needs. She knows how to make City Hall work for us, and that’s the kind of leadership we deserve, that’s why I support Monica Rodriguez for City Council.”
Vivian Hartman, Owner, Buffalo Bruce's Mercantile, Sylmar
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez is the most accessible and responsive public official I’ve ever met. When I called, she responded within hours to help. I saw her passion for our community when we worked together on the free rain barrel program she created. Our community needs leadership, and Monica Rodriguez is the right woman for the job.”
Levi Ponce, Artist and Contributor Pacoima Mural Mile
Pacoima“Growing up in a working-class immigrant family and serving as a longtime community leader and public servant, Monica Rodriguez has the commitment, values, and strong work ethic to deliver at the highest level for the communities she serves. Monica will be a fierce advocate meeting the needs of the people in her district, solving challenges in each and every neighborhood, and creating new opportunities for Valley residents, families, and generations to come.”
Sergio Rascon, Sylmar resident and Business Manager of LiUNA Local 300
Pacoima“As a longtime friend of Monica Rodriguez, I trust that she will bring the kind of strong leadership to Council District 7 that will promote policies supporting the vision, recommendations and needs of all communities in our District. This is a job that must start block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood with strong leadership working to build a team effort to promote policies that encourage smart growth, support existing businesses, attract new businesses and address the many quality of life issues now plaguing our District.”
Pamela Goldfinger, founding member of the Mission Hills Neighborhood Council
Pacoima“Monica is a leader who does what she says and follows through for the community. During a discussion at a neighborhood council meeting, we were held up by the city process for more than a year on a project to beautify utility boxes. Monica stepped in and resolved the issue and the artists were out within two weeks painting the utility boxes. Next time you pass by one of those beautiful boxes know that it was Monica Rodriguez who worked with our neighborhood council and made the art project come to fruition.

That is just one example of Monica’s leadership. She has always gone the extra mile for Sunland Tujunga, from supporting the Armenian communities commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, to speeding up park clean up for the Summerfest at Sunland Park, or working with local small business owners to help them navigate city hall.

These are some of the things that Monica has helped our community with so far. We as a community need a strong councilwoman, who truly understands the needs of a unique community like Sunland Tujunga. Monica Rodriguez is exactly that type of leader and that is why I am supporting her for City Council.”

Sonia Tatulian, 25 year resident Tujunga, business owner and 2014 Woman of the Year honoree by Congressman Schiff
Pacoima“As a business owner and community stakeholder, I support Monica Rodriguez for City Council. From the moment I met Monica, I knew she was different. She genuinely cared about the issues that affected my business, but more importantly offered solutions and followed through to resolve them! She knows how to make City Hall work for the people and businesses in this community, and that’s the kind of leadership we need.”
Ralph Andrade, Owner, Myke's Cafe, Pacoima
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez came through for my community and helping streamline several community improvement and beautification programs I had approved in CD7 over the last two years. She listened to me and the issues I had been having, and then stepped up to help me literally get our programs back on track within a matter of days. It was like a miracle. This is the kind of well connected, qualified and action oriented person that truly gets things done for the people of CD7 that we deserve representing us.”
Gail Carlson is a small business owner and STNC Beautification Chair
Pacoima“Monica is an amazing breath of fresh air and is what this community needs and wants!”
John Hernandez, President, Pacoima Chamber of Commerce
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez is from our community and is for our community. She will direct much needed resources to the San Fernando Valley. Monica will get it done. As a mom, wife and Sylmar stakeholder, I stand by Monica.”
Quyen Vo-Ramirez, Sylmar Resident
Pacoima“Monica Rodriguez, is a woman that has the drive, passion and compassion to move our district forward. A woman, who gets things done. As a Sylmar Neighborhood Council Board Member I have seen her address the needs of our Community. Now more than ever we have an opportunity to elect, a woman who finds solutions to issues no matter have complicated they may be, she gets results. But more importantly, Monica Rodriguez, is a very approachable person and down to earth!”
Hector Cabrera, Sylmar Resident
Pacoima“As a longtime resident and parent organizer in Pacoima, I’ve met many community leaders, but no one like Monica Rodriguez. When our parents complained about the increased trash and graffiti in the area, she coordinated city resources to solve the problem. Her quick response shows her true concern for our kids and our community and more importantly, it shows that she believes that our kids are deserving of a safe and clean environment and will work to give us that.”
Arturo Chavez, School Social Worker Vaughn Next Century Charter & Pacoima Resident
Pacoima“I’ve always believed in Monica Rodriguez’ leadership, and I’ve been right to believe in her. From the first day I met her nearly 20 years ago, she’s never been afraid to take on the tough fights our communities need. From our days working together organizing in North Hills, she’s always put the people first. Monica is the leader that will help bring progress to our community, and I support this woman leader for our community”
Manny Velasquez, Muralist, Activist Pacoima
Sunland-Tujunga“Monica Rodriguez understands what it takes to be an advocate for our community. With her extensive background in public service, I believe she will be the voice we so desperately need for all of District 7. It has been too long since we had a voice for the people, we have it in Monica Rodriguez. Monica understands the current climate of the economy and the specific challenges facing small businesses. More importantly, she understands that small business is the backbone of that economy especially City Council District 7. Monica will fight for a better quality of life in our district which in turn will lead to economic growth for small business. I feel that with Monica’s leadership we can reverse the trend and grow to become one of the best districts in Los Angeles. I believe in Monica Rodriguez and I encourage all residences which care about our neglected district to Vote Monica Rodriguez for Los Angeles City Council District 7.”
Jose Grijalva, Restaurant Owner Joselito's Mexican Food, Sunland-Tujunga
Pacoima“As a business owner and 30 year stakeholder in Sylmar and now Tujunga, I believe in Monica Rodriguez. We need leadership we can depend on and access, and she’s that kind of leader. She brings the experience and track record of helping small businesses in our community and throughout the city. We need to build a stronger community now and I support her campaign for Los Angeles City Council!”
Giovanni Caruso, Caruso's Italian Kitchen
mission hills“We need to elect Monica Rodriguez to Council District 7. As our Councilmember, she understands the needs of our community, as she’s been a part of it for decades. She knows how to make the city work for us, working closely with LAPD and community leaders to help solve our problems. She’s a leader we can count on.”
Betty Ley, Mission Hills Neighborhood Watch & Mission Area CPAB Leader
Pacoima“I have found that Monica Rodriguez is a gracious lady in addition to being an efficient worker and one who is accessible to citizens in the community. Our experience with Monica is an example. Lloyd found a potentially serious problem with a drain near our home. He presented her with the problem and his findings, called, and the storm drain was repaired within a few days. We were surprised at the response but oh so satisfied. As a fellow Occidental College grad, I salute her fine mind and good judgement and support her for bid for Council District 7.”
Marlene & Lloyd Hitt, Sunland Tujunga
sunland“Monica Rodriguez gets things done. How do I know? In my efforts to clean up Sunland Park Monica was the driving force in getting resources delivered immediately to handle the problems, no fuss, no hassle, just getting it done! She’s got her finger on the pulse of CD7 community issues and I support her because she’s proven that she’s a leader that delivers.”
Sandy Capps, Mom, Sheriff Deputy, 30 year Sunland Resident and Volunteer

Education Leaders

“Commissioner Monica Rodriguez, a former Center for Powerful Public Schools board member had an immeasurable impact on the organization. Her support of our school reform efforts made a difference in the lives of hundreds of high school students. Besides providing wise advice and counsel, Ms. Rodriguez directly contributed to the success of the Center’s Engineering Environmental Innovation program that prepares low- and moderate-income high school students in the Los Angeles region for careers in smart energy and sustainability. With her help students from Los Angeles Unified School District high schools had the opportunity to do an energy audit of City Hall South. Besides arranging this amazing real world experience Ms. Rodriguez, took the time from her busy schedule to welcome the students and make sure that they knew how important their learning was to the future of Los Angeles. She is a champion for the young people of Los Angeles and we know that she will bring that same dedication to improving the future of all children in the Northeast San Fernando Valley to her work as District 7 Los Angeles City Council Member.”
Jeanne Fauci, Executive Director, Center for Powerful Public Schools
“On behalf of LocoL we would like to wish good luck to our friend Monica Rodriguez on her city council bid. Watts got your back just like you had ours, LadyMRod!”
LocoL, Watts
“Monica Rodriguez has dedicated her life to serving the City of Los Angeles. She understands that the economic strength of our city depends on safe neighborhoods and opportunities for our youth. She has been a strong champion of increasing college access and success for our residents. As a City Councilmember I know that she will ensure our libraries, parks and other city departments create an environment where more students are exposed to the educational opportunities and careers they can pursue. Monica knows that investing in our young people and making sure more of them get trained for jobs and earn college degrees will make the City of LA a better place.”
Michele Siqueiros, Executive Director Campaign for College Opportunity