New Energy, New Solutions, and a
New Direction

Growing up in a working-class family in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, and now raising two children with her husband Raul, Monica Rodriguez has a deep, personal understanding of the challenges facing local families and a strong commitment to bring about long-term positive change for our community.

Monica knows first-hand that years of neglect and broken promises have hurt our Valley neighborhoods, schools, and local businesses.

As a longtime community leader, non-profit director, public servant, and as a mom, Monica has taken on dozens of fights for us– and won: delivering results and strengthening our neighborhoods.

Now, Monica Rodriguez is running for City Council to bring new energy, new solutions, and experienced, local leadership to make all of our neighborhoods vibrant and safe.

As our Councilmember, Monica Rodriguez will bring:

  • Strong, Independent Leadership
  • Accessibility and Attentive to Our Community’s Needs
  • High-Quality Constituent Services for All Neighborhoods
  • New Collaborative-Based Approach to Problem Solving that Empowers Neighborhoods, Residents and Local Business Owners
  • Innovative Solutions to Meet the Long-term Needs of Our Diverse District
  • Public Safety Partnerships and Additional Resources to Make Our Neighborhoods and Streets Safer
  • Economic Investment and Opportunities to Create Jobs, Support Local Businesses, and Strengthen our Economy
  • Stronger Coalitions with our Local Schools, Churches, Small Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations
  • More Transparency and Accountability to Make Better Use of our Taxpayer Dollars
Monica Rodriguez will deliver new leadership, a results-driven approach, and laser-like focus to bring out the best in our neighborhoods and communities, so that all residents can get high-quality city services and the attentive leadership that they deserve.